Microsoft's 'Live Mesh' feature actually seems useful


Cloud computing (see convoluted diagram above) is slowly warming the hearts of those at Microsoft, especially Ray Ozzie, the man who’s been tasked with filling Bill Gates‘ nerdly shoes. Ozzie came up with an idea for a new Microsoft feature called “Live Mesh,” which will basically allow you to share, synchronize, and access your data from a myriad of internet connected devices including your cell phone and even Apple products, according to Reuters.

Such an idea isn’t NEW new in the grand scheme of personal computing but the fact that it’ll be an integrated feature from a software company that’s got its software running on a lot of computers and mobile devices means that, hopefully, it’ll be easy and quick to pull some of your photos out of “the cloud” to share with friends via your cell phone, your computer, their computer, a library computer, your friend’s cousin’s Apple computer, and so on.

Live Mesh will be available to about 10,000 at first and then will be opened up into a public beta in the coming months.