USB hub uses two ports but no external power

UHUBS004000_02_M This is sort of different, I guess. It’s a $12 USB hub from Brando that doesn’t exactly look like your run-of-the-mill USB hub and, more importantly, doesn’t require any external power.

However, you’ll need to give up two of your existing USB ports in order to get three new ones plus a mini-USB connection. So this device will appeal to some people but not others.

I’d actually use it because I have exactly two USB ports on my laptop and I currently use a powered USB hub to hook up a keyboard, a mouse, charge my phone via mini-USB, and occasionaly hook up an iPod or digital camera. Holy crap, this thing is perfect for me! What am I waiting for?


USB 3-Port Hub + Mini-USB Cable [Brando] via Gizmodo