AT&T officially rolling out nationwide Wi-Fi service at Starbucks

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AT&T has already equipped a few Starbucks in San Antonio with its Wi-Fi service and today both companies have officially announced that the national rollout has begun. Beginning May 1, AT&T customers who qualify will be privy to free Wi-Fi access at a Starbucks location near them. It’s unclear whether or not you, an AT&T customer, can use the service if the Starbucks is still operating T-Mobile’s Hotspot service.

[Update] I’ve just caught wind that it won’t matter which infrastructure is in place. Starting May 1, AT&T customers who qualify will have free Internets at Starbucks.

As of May 1, qualifying AT&T customers can connect to the Internet from Wi-Fi enabled company-operated Starbucks locations nationwide by simply selecting “ATTWiFi” after powering up their computers. Free AT&T Wi-Fi service is currently offered with AT&T’s three higher-speed residential broadband packages, all small business broadband packages and with all AT&T U-verse offerings with high speed Internet service.

For other customers, AT&T Wi-Fi service will reach company-operated Starbucks locations on a market-by-market basis throughout the year. The experience will include a mix of free and paid connection options for both frequent and occasional Wi-Fi users and qualifying Starbucks customers. Once AT&T Wi-Fi service is available, customers will be able to shop and surf both Starbucks’ and AT&T’s respective home pages for products and services.

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