CrunchDeals: Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-Ray Player for $239

There are only three left of this fairly basic, early BD player, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t head over to pick a few up for you and your friends.

You: Look, Grandma, I bought you a present.
Grandma: Ohhh! Dearie, thank you.
You: It’s a BD-P1400 Blu-Ray player.
Grandma: From Samung? I heard they had firmware issues.
You: Well, you can update the firmware. It’s a good, basic player. With the update you’ll get great surround sound.
Grandma: That’s great. I’ll crack a Mickey’s and watch Black Rain. Did you make that CSO for me of God of War? I’m jonesing for some Spartan.
You: I can’t find a compression program for OS X, Nana.
Grandma: Come on, n00b. What’s wrong with you?