Inside PsyStar's high-tech facility

PsyStar isn’t on the down-low anymore: they’re shipping PCs running OS X from their posh digs in Florida and even filmed a charming video featuring a full set of cheap PCs running odd OSes including Ubuntu and, obviously, Leopard.

The fact that Apple hasn’t hit them yet is quite interesting. I agree with what commentor Cylonite said:

Know when the best time to setup a lawsuit is? When Psystar starts fullfilling orders, shipping them out, gets reviews. Then hit them fast, hit them hard, hit them so that they have to spend all their time in court and fail to satisfy their customers orders. Make their lives miserable. Give wannabes something to think about. Dont forget that Apple is sitting on a massive warchest

They’re probably waiting for the damage to be permanent i.e. when enough folks place orders and the company will have to quickly backtrack and fold under indignant customers. While I may be ascribing too much evil on Apple’s part, that’s what I’d do if someone was milking my closed cash cow.