Majority Stake In MyPlayList Free To A Good Home

myplaylist.jpgBootstrapped service MyPlayList, the free music/ Flickr mashup service we wrote about earlier this month, is on the market, but with a twist: a majority stake (51%) is being offered free to a good home.

AngentBleu writes:

I believe this application has the potential to become a hot destination (applications in the same space have very large teams and sky high valuations) however, I do not believe that I alone can manage this project.

Until now I have been developing my little applications as an ‘independent developer’ in solitude without external funds, bootstrapping them until they support themselves, which is fine as a hobby – but having already been the architect of one very successful disruptive company I am acutely aware of the many challenges that face new emerging technologies.

Thus rather than being plagued with business and political challenges for which I have no ambitions, I instead wish to remain committed to developing and hacking which is my core passion, particularly because I have other projects that I am currently developing which I believe will also be game changers within their own sectors (with verified business models).

Therefore I am looking for a partner to whom I am prepared to give full control (51%) of Myplaylist in exchange for becoming part of a larger dynamic exciting team, where I can continue exploring and developing potential prospects (with support) rather than being burdened with the ‘management’ of yet another disruptive company.

Bootstrapped startups always face a challenge of taking the service to the next level, both from a financial and manpower perspective. This is a calculated risk, but it’s an interesting experiment. I’m not sure how many people would be comfortable handing control to someone else for no upfront cash investment, but in this case AngentBleu is willing to bet that handing control to a team who can take the site to the next level will benefit him as well.

More details here and organizations interested should send a brief outlining their proposal to: support (at) myplaylist (dot) biz.