PlayMyGame Goes For A Sedo Exit

playmygame.jpgGerman site PlayMyGame, the first of a wave of make your own flash based game sites we reviewed in May 2007, is on the market.

Founder Samuel Wulf described the circumstances in an email to TechCrunch:

Due to a lack of time and staff shortage the past weeks we have not been able to proceed with our Web 2.0 project the way we would have liked to. As we think this problem will not be solved shortly we have decided to sell the project to someone who has the time, the passion and the staff to proceed with, because we are convinced that the idea still has a huge potential.

The stats for the site are reasonable: over 360,000 games created, 185,000 game plays a month with 80,000 monthly visits to the site. PlayMyGame comes in Chinese, English, German, Polish and Spanish, and there’s a Facebook application for the site as well.

We’ve seen eBay exits before, but Sedo is an interesting choice as the service is better known as a domain seller as opposed to a marketplace for established sites. Those interested can make an offer here: it should be noted that this isn’t an auction but a “make an offer” process, something I only understood after I offered $60 for the site, thinking I was coming in at the minimum bid. No harm done. Usually we’d put a site like this in the deadpool, but I think PlayMyGame will find a happy home with someone with spare cash on hand.