CrunchArcade: Pirates downloading GTA IV like it's their job

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Yes, as we all know, Grand Theft Auto IV was leaked onto the Internet earlier this week. But just how many people have grabbed the game, roughly, from some of the bigger sites out there?

Blackcats-Games, one of the biggest private, games-only BitTorrent trackers, has 45,747 users, of which a total of 4,207 users have snatched either the PAL or NTSC version. So, about 9 percent of those guys have grabbed the game., which is more of a general purpose torrent site, has seen a combined total of 8,334 downloads. No idea how many users there.

The Pirate Bay, with who-knows-how-many users, and temporarily re-named “Liberty Bay” to celebrate the game’s “release,” makes it difficult to determine how many downloads have occurred. Right now, the NTSC version has about 160 seeders. But that number is essentially meaningless, given how many people “hit-and-run” torrents there.

Then there’s the Usenet downloads. I imagine more than a few people got the game from there.

Just some Saturday kickin’ about, is all.

And no, I do not have any invites to the aforementioned private sites.