Patent application shows new Nike+iPod features


There’s some Monday morning quarterback analysis of a recent Nike patent application filing, which could, just maybe, hint at new features for Nike+iPod. The patent details some sort feedback system, that is, Nike+iPod will modify your workout selection based on your selections. iLounge speculates this fun scenario:

For instance, the system would be able to know if a user sped up or slowed down in response to a certain song being played, and could offer the user a choice of adding or removing the song from the workout routine playlist.

Also, maybe, there’s indications that additional sensors could be implemented, which would expand Nike+iPod beyond simple jogging. Exercises like step aerobics, ellipticals, yoga, etc. could be part of future Nike+iPod system.

Also! Everyone owes Chelsea FC for keeping the EPL title race alive for at least one more week.

via iLounge