CrunchArcade: 11 ways to tell you're no longer a hardcore gamer


What happens when former hardcore gamers stop being so hardcore? They make lists explaining the demise of their hardcore-ness, of course!

So, how do you tell that you’re no longer a hardcore gamer?

• You prefer playing against the computer.
• You only play when your girlfriend is out
• You believe that winning isn’t everything
• It’s been days, not hours since you last switched on your console
• You’re the oldest person trading in games at GameStation
• You like your Xbox 360 and your PS3 equally
• You fondly remember a ‘golden age’ of gaming
• You avoid playing on the Wii because it’s too much effort
• Your FPS experience consists of spawn, run, die… spawn, run, die… spawn…
• You find the idea of videogames based on board games perfectly acceptable
• You’ve pre-ordered GTA IV but don’t mind if it doesn’t turn up on launch day

Yeah, that about sums it up. May I also add “Playing for a few minutes, dying, then giving up in complete frustration”? I played San Andreas for about 20 minutes yesterday and accidentally killed a hooker I was supposed to save. So I literally threw the controller down at the flow like a Randy Johnson fastball. I have zero patience for games anymore.

via Xbox-Scene