BeamMe.Info Offers Information Sharing Via SMS offers a web page to SMS service for sites looking to offer users an alternative to writing information down. works by site owners placing a BeamMe button on their website next to relevant information users might want a copy of, for example next to address information. Users click the button and are then prompted to enter their cell phone number (most countries are supported), and the information is sent to their phones (Information in the text message is predetermined by the website owner, not dynamically pulled from the site).

The service comes in two flavors: ad supported or paid. The free ad supported version means end users also get an advertisement with the SMS they receive. The paid version sees website owners paying for every SMS sent by their users; the price ranges from a couple of cents through 20 cents per SMS depending on the country a user is sending the SMS to.

The service has built in spam protection, with limits per IP address and account holders are able to limit the number of SMS messages sent to the same phone per day. is pitched as a way of enhancing user experience:

By putting Beams on a website publishers are adding value to their content or service. Allowing visitors to mobilize their website content, saves them the hassle of printing things out or writing them down. This extends the interaction lifecycle long after the visitor has left the website. There are obvious environmental benefits as well.

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