Order CinemaNow Movies with your Cell Phone

The digital movie provider CinemaNow announced today that customers can use their cell phones to view movie trailers and order full-length titles to watch on their home television or computer through its mobile website. The new service allows customers to buy or rent a movie while they are out and about with friends or family.

“It definitely makes discovery a little more social when you can talk about the movie and do the purchase while you’re there,” said David Cook, CinemaNow’s chief operating officer.

CinemaNow will download movies to a user’s electronic device like a personal computer. Internet downloads of movies can take over an hour, so by ordering while on the go, hopefully the title will be ready to view when the customer gets home. Online movie purchases cost around $14.99 and rentals cost about $1.99.

Full movies can’t be downloaded to handsets yet. But the company hopes to be able to download full length movies to cell phones by next year.

If you have a Web-capable phone and live in the United States, go to http://mobile.cinemanow.com and checkout the service.