eFORCE Global Acquires gBox

eFORCE Global Inc. has acquired gBox, the music store that allows users to create embeddable “Wish Lists” and buy DRM-free songs as gifts for friends.

eFORCE is a provider of professional eBusiness services with a focus on RoI. Under new ownership, gBox will continue to offer its music store and wishlist widgets, which we covered last year. gBox will also begin to offer a whitelabel version of the widget that will allow major online brands to label and sponsor these wishlists.

The details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but it is reported to have been a cash and equity deal (more equity than cash). gBox lauched in 2007, and is headed by Tammy Artim, Rajen Bose, Elmar Jakoby, and Saji Johnson.