Hobnox – quality audio and video tools

Hobnox is a video and audio tools platform in closed beta coming out of Cologne, Germany. It’s aimed – mainly – at users who’d like to use rich tools to create and collaborate over video and audio. And I must say, what they have done with Flash tools is amazing.

The idea is to unite broadcast quality media with community tools. So the Hobnox Audio Teaser audio engine is a pretty complex Flash tool for sound, mimicking some real-life products, like effects pedals. Users get access to a digital media library and can collaborate with like minded creators and consumers. The lucky few get filtered into some editorial-led Web TV channels, which are quite high quality. Hobnox plans for the Audiotool to be scaled into a full browser-based audio production studio and the Livetool will become a fully functional broadcasting studio for live shows.

The site is still in a closed-beta phase, though some parts of the site are still accessable through invitation only.Althoug Hobnox is based in Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Munich) it also has an office in the USA (Boston, MA).

For a taster of what you can do Paul Proulx from Hobnox put together the below mashup of Tarantino films (via):