Recommendation Ventures And IceTV Team For TV Suggestions

Recommendation Ventures, the company behind social music and video recommendations service Scouta has signed a new deal with EPG provider IceTV to provide intuitive content recommendations to IceTV users.

The new service, IceTV Recommendations will be provided to IceTV users as part of the IceTV EPG service. The service allows users to receive personalized suggestions and an opportunity to discover and record new TV shows. Suggested TV shows are displayed as an IceTV Recommendation using a separate icon within the IceTV electronic program guide, allowing IceTV users to easily locate and then select them for more information. From there users can set the recommended TV show to remotely record onto their compatible digital
recording device at home within a few clicks.

We mentioned Scouta’s move into white label recommendation provision back in March. The company has had some success with its core Scouta TV offering, but now sees its core business opportunities going forward as a backend recommendation engine provider for other sites.