Contest: Win a sweet Tokyoflash watch

If you haven’t checked out our review of two Tokyoflash watches yet, go and do so. Because there will be a test! Seriously, there will. For your chance to win a cool watch from Tokyoflash (not necessarily one from the review, but hey), check out the instructions after the link. It’s quite simple, really, and in a few days we’ll have three winners. What are you waiting for? Click already!

Update: Due to a rather long holiday taking over the nation of Japan, you can enter until the 7th, at which point, we’ll choose a winner.

stop thou!
If thou wantest a watch for free,
answer me these questions three.
(I know, corny. But there are three questions.)

does the martini glass stand for on the Pimp Star Performer watch?
time was it approximately when I took the picture of my wrist in the review?
is a wakizashi?

The Tokyoflash site might be helpful if you’re stumped. I know, those questions are super hard, right?

Email your answers to (DON’T comment them, why would you do that, several already have) and in a few days (Let’s say May 4 May 7) three winners will be chosen. Good luck, people!