T-Mobile and Nokia Partner-up in Europe

T-Mobile and Nokia are forming a partnership in Europe to provide new Internet services and social communities to handsets throughout Europe. All of their European customers will have access to T-Mobile’s web’n’walk and Nokia’s Ovi Internet services.

Mobile social networks will be upgraded by offering T-Mobile’s MyFaves application. The partnership will also create “widget cooperation” between the mini-programs offered by both companies.

Nokia, which is the world’s largest handset manufacturer, will customize its devices for T-Mobile services. T-Mobile, a mobile phone telecommunications provider, will give its customers enhanced access to Nokia services.

There are no plans as of now to move the partnership out of Europe. Deutsche Telekom, which owns T-Mobile, said that it considers the U.S. market as separate from the European market.

Avi Greengart, an industry researcher with the firm Current Analysis, sees Nokia as the biggest winner in its partnership with T-Mobile. T-Mobile is another European carrier that has signed up to offer Nokia’s Ovi services.

Ovi isn’t offered in the United States. IDC’s Chris Hazelton thinks that Nokia is currently trying to win more market share in the United States. To breakout in the U.S. market, Nokia will need to support services offered by carriers inside the United States. But services like Ovi are seen by Hazelton as part of Nokia’s long-term strategy for services outside the United States.