Zune Marketplace adds NBC content (for the same price as iTunes)


Devin already gave us most of the details of Microsoft’s new Zune Marketplace yesterday, but with today’s official announcement comes additional information.

First, lots of folks, including the AP, are making a big deal about the presence of NBC content on the new Marketplace. You may remember that NBC and Apple went their separate ways last year when Apple refused to cede to NBC’s demands to offer more flexible pricing for TV shows. Microsoft says that such a pricing scheme is “within the scope” of their agreement, but no details are set in stone thus far.

Second, there’s now a few prices to report. Users can download most TV shows from the Zune Marketplace for $1.99 each, which is the same as the price on iTunes. Shows include “South Park,” “Battlestar Galactica” and “The Office.”

So yeah, a big deal if you’re a Zune user—I actually saw someone using a Zune about a month ago on the subway—or desperately need to see “The Office” on-the-go without resorting to ThePirateBay or anything like that.

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