TechCrunch UK meetup, this Friday

The sun is shining, London is officially in Summer mode, so I think it’s time we started a series of TechCrunch UK meetups. The first is totally impromptu, organised at the last minute, has no sponsors (as yet) and no agenda other than to meet, chat and enjoy a drink on a Friday in the sun by the Thames. So the details are:

Date: This Friday, May 9th.

Time: Midday onwards (I will be there from then) until whenever.

Place: Royal Festival Hall on the outside Terrace, on a map here. (See also images above and below)

Nearest Tubes: Waterloo (follow the crowds to the SouthBank/Royal Festival Hall) or Embankment (walk over the bridge to the Southbank / Festival Hall)

WiFi: The Southbank has free WiFi!

Food: The RFI has a cafe inside which serves hot and cold food.

Tags: The “Official” Flickr tag for this event is TechCrunchUK1

PLAN B: If for whatever reason the Southbank Centre doesn’t work out we’ll switch to the BFI Film Cafe which is literally 100 yards away here under Waterloo Bridge.

How do I check where you are if I get lost?: I will Twitter any relevant info, or text my mobile.

RSVP: Just tell us if you are coming in the comments below.

Agenda: There is no agenda other than TechCrunch UK being able to meet with startups, allowing startups to meet up with eachother, and pulling in anyone else interested in this scene.

OK so there is a little agenda: Helping a guy out who is currently in hospital with a very serious condition and unable to work on his startup. Paul Cleghorn is founder of, one of the first startups I wrote about on TechCrunch UK in 2006. Anyone who knows Paul will attest to his generosity and good nature. So it was a real shame when he was stuck down with an unknown condition some weeks ago which confined him to the Royal Brompton Hospital’s intensive care unit. Thankfully he is doing slightly better now (he’s off the oxygen) and is now able to send out the occasional Twitter.

However, if there is another startup out there who can afford to help Paul out, that would be great – such as offering some free advertising inventory or perhaps some other form of service, just to help TIOTI tick over while Paul recovers. If you’d like to know more then perhaps contact me and I’ll pass you on to the right person please email eleanor[@]

Further events: Watch out for a TechCrunch meetup in Ireland soon, and some others around Europe, to be announced shortly. Please contact me if you are interested in being a sponsor of these, as we can offer sponsors promotion on TechCrunch UK and

UPDATE: At least one startup is bringing some of its T-Shirts to hand out. Feel free to bring your own schwag along.