Wits and Wagers now on XBLA… plus a contest

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Have you every played Wits and Wagers? It’s basically a trivia game that involves betting. You’re asked a question and you write down an answer (all of them are numerical). You then place it on a board and bet on the answer you think is closest to the truth — even if its not yours. It’s kind of like poker… with trivia.
That said, the game is coming to XBox Live Arcade today and should be a corker.

Bethesda, MD (May 6, 2008) – Microsoft announced yesterday that it will release Wits & Wagers for the Xbox LIVE® Arcade on Wednesday 7 May. The video game is based upon the original Wits & Wagers board game, which has won more industry awards than any other party game in history. It is wildly popular because it is the first trivia game can you can win without knowing any trivia. Internet fans have been clamoring for the Wits & Wagers video game release for more than a year. It will be the only trivia game available for the Xbox 360™.
“We are really excited about the Xbox LIVE® Arcade version of Wits & Wagers,” said Dominic Crapuchettes, founder of North Star Games. “This video game version will introduce our extremely popular board game to a whole new audience.”
Hidden Path Entertainment (www.hiddenpath.com) seized the opportunity to acquire the worldwide digital rights for Wits & Wagers before the property became too hot. They are now working on plans to bring Wits & Wagers to other gaming platforms including Facebook and cell phones.
“The interest in Wits & Wagers has been astounding,” claimed Satish Pillilamarri, North Star Games co-founder. “The board game has been nationwide at Target for less than a year and already there is a video game version, a European licensing deal, and a possible TV game show.”
What makes Wits & Wagers’ so successful? Wits & Wagers’ innovative design allows people to win without knowing trivia (you can bet on other player’s answers), making it accessible to kids and non-trivia buffs. That is why it has been labeled, “the best trivia game of all time.” by www.About.com and “the latest in living-room play” by Time magazine. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel awarded it “Game of the Year”.
While the Xbox version of Wits & Wagers is good for a small group (up to 6 online), the board game version is excellent for larger parties, since it can play up to 20 people. And of course, board games have a social interaction element as well, so people who like the XBLA Wits & Wagers will love the board game.

Now about that contest. We have six copies of the game to give away, three electronic and three in box versions. Your mission is to answer three trivia questions about CrunchGear and the first six folks who answer a majority (2 out of 3) without going over — will win either the box or XBLA version, depending. Leave your answers in the comments and indicate whether you want the electronic or boxed version. Remember to put your real email in as well. We’ll close entrants at noon EST tomorrow.
1. On which day in August does CrunchGear turn two?
2. How many current and past CrunchGear staffers are there?
3. How many posts did we put up as of April 2, 2008?

UPDATE – Contest is closed.