Gun-mounted cameras coming soon to DC police?

guncam Since last fall, police in New York’s Orange County have been using experimental gun-mounted camera technology that begins recording the moment a police officer’s gun is pulled from its holster.

The technology was adopted after a public outcry surrounding the 2006 shooting of a Newbugrh, New York man in which, “the street version of the story differs massively from the one told by the cops,” according to The Register.

Washington, DC NBC News affiliate WRC is now reporting that a bill has been put in front of the DC Council that “would require police service revolvers to have miniature cameras to record how the weapons are used” in order to “provide a clear record for both police and citizens on how police weapons are used.”

The system that’s currently in place in New York is just being tested and isn’t widely deployed yet. The DC bill would likely call for a more widespread adoption, though.