It's a mat, it's a bag, it's a sack that holds wet stuff


How many times have you been at the beach and thought, “Man, I wish I had some sort of mat that I could stand on to strip down to my bathing suit and then that same mat would turn into a bag that I can pull up around my clothes”? If you’re like me, at least twice. Now we have the Moonbag, a $30 mat that turns into a sack.

Multi-functional Changing Mat and Bag. Anyone who ever needs to change outside needs a Moonbag – basically a changing mat and a bag all in one! Open the bag and you have a large 37″ diameter changing mat – remove your wet, muddy clothes and pull the drawstring tight to create a bag.

Ideal for adults and children for swimming, surfing, canoeing, dog walking, climbing, fishing, triathlon, and all outdoor activities. Great for keeping your car clean as all the mess stays inside the waterproof bag.

And thus, the practical application is exposed; keeping muddy gunk contained. Not bad, actually. I don’t get muddy enough as a blogger to necessitate a $30 bag, but if I had a manlier occupation, I’d probably pick one up.

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