Nvidia looking to simplify its product range

I’m a gamer, and I try to keep on top of things when it comes to video cards, but in the last couple years it’s been increasingly difficult. I remember when the choice was TNT or Voodoo. That was easy to remember (hard to choose though). Now you’ve got this smorgasbord of 4-digit numbers, several three-letter designations which say nothing in and of themselves, and then there’s the whole SLI thing. Nvidia’s “family” page doesn’t even begin to document the madness that is the GeForce selection experience.

I can make some sense of it, but for the average person or casual gamer these things are totally incomprehensible, and they’re more likely to go with onboard graphics because they don’t know any better and it’s so much cheaper. Well, no more, says Nvidia. The VP of Content Business Development says “There is a need to simplify it for consumers, there’s no question.” Well, that’s a start.