T-Mobile has over 30 million subscribers, still #4

ren n stimpy
I switched to T-Mobile as soon as AT&T Wireless switched from CDMA TDMA to GSM when Cingular took over and haven’t really looked back. I made the move because the new plans implemented by Cingular were atrocious and I hated the fact that incoming texts were now being taken from my SMS plan. And the Sidekick 2 was free on Amazon at the time. I haven’t had too many issues with T-Mobile other than having the worst device ever made, the Sidekick 3. That phone alone almost made me switch carriers. But now I have the Curve and I’m quite content with the service and quality.

So, I’m happy to say report that T-Mo now has over 30 million subscribers wherein they signed up close to 1 million new customers in Q1. Revenue is up 14 percent from Q1 of last year with a total service revenue of $4.6 billion. The acquisition of SunCom certainly helped, which brought in an additional 2.1 million subscribers. And last week’s 3G rollout in NYC with other markets to follow is an obvious step in the right direction. If that whole Sprint M&A deal happens to go through then they’ll surely be the number one carrier in the US.

Good luck, T-Mo.