Live blog – TechCrunch UK meetup

Update/Postscript: The event attracted several nice comments (below) and a couple of blog posts, as well.


I’m sitting here outside the Royal Festival Hall, and I’ll be here all day chatting to tech people and startups who want to drop by to the Techcrunch UK meetup. It’s 12.14pm right now and I’ll try to do a live blog throughout the day of the people and companies who swing by.

First up was “AJ” (pictured below) who is working on an interesting idea (here’s his blog, so stay tuned).

Update 2.13pm:

About 50-60 people have turned up and everyone is chatting away as planned. Best thing to do for updates is watch my Twitter feed as getting WiFi out here on the Terrace is a little flaky….

Meanwhile, more pix (Flickr group):