ACCESS' NetFront browser now embedded on Blackfin processors

ACCESS announced today that their NetFront mobile browser has been ported over for embedded use on Analog Device’s Blackfin processor, allowing for on-the-go internet meandering without as much strain on the battery.

The NetFin browser has already made its way onto over 500 million devices, including Samsung’s recently launched Glyde. The browser can be pretty featured pack (depending on the hardware it’s running on), managing a couple things its competitors haven’t managed yet: AJAX for all of those Web 2.0 sites that break in most mobile browsers, and Flash support capable of handling things like Youtube.

Toru Arakawa, CEO of ACCESS, stated “NetFront Browser embedded on ADI’s Blackfin is the ideal solution for OEMs who want to make it possible for their customers to access and interact with content-rich multimedia Internet sites.”