Upcoming events of interest

May 15: next08, Hamburg
next08 is on May 15, 2008 at the Prototyp museum in Hamburg. The main theme will be “get realtime”, taking care of the challenge that customers are communicating in real-time but companies do not. Together with DLD in Munich it has become Germany’s most important New Media event. Confirmed speakers as include Anil Hansjee (Google), JP Rangaswami (British Telecom) and Lisa Sounio (Dopplr).

May 21st: Startup 2.0, Barcelona
StartUp2.0 is a competition of European web 2.0 sites whose objectives are to promote and reward the European startups that work in the field of “2.0” technologies.

21-23 May: Thinking Digital
The Thinking Digital conference will take on an eclectic range of technology-based topics that have (or soon will have) a profound effect upon the way we work and live: from the future of media and making far better use of technology, to our obsession with happiness and creating a cure for ageing.

Jun 10: Being-Digital
Being-Digital is a UK event, in London for UK entrepreneurs, executives, and investors. A number of startups will be pitching on the day (interest declared: I’ll be introducing them). The bulk of the speakers, demo companies etc. are UK based, such as Brent Hoberman of mydeco, but will also feature Loïc Le Meur, founder of Seesmic. The interesting thing about the pitches is that they will be filmed, and made available afterwards, with the winning company announced on June 19th.

Also of note:

Jun 11: Berlin TechCrunch Meetup

Jun 12: TMT.communities’08, Warsaw
Creating products and services around internet & mobile communities

Other events:

May 19: GeekUp Preston

May 20: NESTA: The Innovation Edge Conference 2008

May 22: GeekUp Leeds

May 24: BarCamp NorthEast

May 26: London Web Week Opening Party

May 27: NMK Beers & Innovation: Coming of Age

May 29: @media 2008 (London)

May 31: BarCamp London 4

June 6th: Seedcamp Paris

Jun 10: GeekUp Manchester

Jun 13: Fuel

Jun 21: Mashed

Jul 2: GeekUp Sheffield

Jul 16: (Irish) Open Coffee BBQ