Dish Network Giveth, Dish Network taketh away

dish 1

Dish Network people were excited on Monday when it was announced that 22 new HD channels would be added to the HD package, bringing the total number of HD channels the satellite TV carrier offered up to 95, putting it on par with competitor DirectTV. What Dish forgot to mention was that just hours later it would be dropping 15 older HD channels, mostly Voom related, to leave it at 80 channels.

That didn’t stop Dish execs from quoting the 95 channel score in a press release. It’s possible one hand didn’t know what the other was doing, such as the execs not knowing a drop was going to happen. Or it was a case of generating good PR for PR’s sake.

We haven’t heard back from Dish yet, so we don’t know the story, but either way, we smell a rat.