A logic probe made from an insulin syringe

It looks like something out of the Matrix or the Dune movie – imagine this electric needle plunging into your flesh and injecting you with the Snow Crash virus. Or something. In any case, it’s more just a case of ingenuity as this guy needed a very sharp little probe to test some voltages out of a few very tiny pins. So he rigged up a medical-grade steel-tipped needle for insulin injection, and it worked like a charm!

One of the commenters suggests trying a nerve stimulator needle, which is further insulated and only conductive on the tip (they’re for buzzing individual neurons and the like). This is getting kind of weird, folks. Soon we’re going to have a Existenz-style techno-biology freakout, shooting teeth out of a bonegun and stuff like that. Well, maybe not, but using medical technology like this is kind of freaky.