Apple looking to add AnswerTone support, 3G music downloads, more ringtones for iPhone

Photo Credit: whatcounts on FlickR

Looks like Apple is looking to expand your options when it comes to which of the songs you already own can be made into ringtones for an extra 99 cents. According to Bits, negotiations between Apple and the major music labels are already underway. The tentative goal is reportedly sometime in June, though they may not have anything set in stone in time for WWDC.

Apple is also reportedly working to bring straight-to-iPhone music downloads (currently only available via WiFi) over 3G when the much anticipated revised model of the iPhone hits. This is something the current EDGE model lacks, presumably because (in addition to EDGE’s limited download speeds) the EDGE network type that AT&T uses primarily (NOM2) can not receive voice and data downloads simultaneously, with incoming calls going straight to voicemail if data is currently being pulled.

Also on the negotiation table are AnswerTones (otherwise known as ringback tones), which allow customers to set a song or clip as a substitute for the standard ringing sound callers hear while waiting for an answer. Speaking of which: I just realized I set my Ocean’s ringback tone to Fabolous’ “Baby Don’t Go” a few months back while playing with the feature, and haven’t changed it since. I bet that’s made more than a few people wonder if I heart them. Whoops.

Photo Credit: Whatcounts