Boost Mobile opens their first retail stores

While consumers have long been able to grab Boost Mobile’s prepaid offerings at Wal-Mart, 711, and a huge number of other retail outlets, the company has yet to have any stores to call their own. That changed this morning, when Boost Mobile cut the ribbon on three Boost-exclusive locations: Huntington Park, California, Hialeah, Florida, and Houston, Texas.

Each “home base” comes in at around 1,500 square feet. Like just about every other company, they’re aiming to give off a green vibe, filling the stores with furniture and decor made of recycled materials.

The company wants their store to be more than just a place to buy their goods. “Our stores have a great vibe and highlight the best we have to offer,” said Michael Lanzon, vice president of sales and marketing, Boost Mobile. “But they’re much more than just retail spots aimed at attracting customers, the stores are centers for community connection. Becoming an integral part of these neighborhoods is a priority for Boost, and we are actively engaging local civic officials and giving back to charities in the communities where our stores are located.”