Hands-on with the Sharp 922SH Internet Machine

I had the opportunity to test Sharp’s newest mobile phone today (sold by Japanese telecom giant Softbank). The Nippon-only 922SH features an Aquos/ASV display, a One-Seg Digital TV tuner, a 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and a QWERTY key board.
I was blown away by the quality of the screen (3.5 inch, 480×584 resolution, contrast ratio 2,000:1!). It’s great to watch One-Seg or play Tekken 2 on this thing.

The Japanese hate Nokia but lately, more and more telecom companies over here are trying to duplicate the Nokia Communicator design. It’s the right choice to display PC style web sites on mobile phones in the way they look on your monitor.

And the so-called 922SH “Internet Machine” does deserve its name. It takes a little time to get used to the browser but surfing the web with this phone IS fun. The key board worked perfect even when typing longer emails, connection speed was high and absolutely no mistakes occurred during my test.

Overall, the 922SH is possibly the best cell phone on the Japanese market at the moment. The iPhone can bite me.