Say goodbye to workplace swamp ass with the 'Suzukaze' air conditioned seat cushion


Air conditioned clothing company, Kuchofuku, has developed the “Suzukaze,” which I’m pretty sure is Japanese for “ass de-moistifier,” but don’t quote me on that.

According to Japan’s Corporate News Network

This Kouchou Cushion features a new material inside called the super spacer which has the strength to support the person’s weight and the shape of each spacers is specially designed to bend flexibly. If you place a soft cushion beneath it, it can transfer the softness of the cushion to the body. The continuous air flow traveling from the fan through the grid of spacers allows for a person to sit comfortably with no build-up of sweat or humidity within the cushion.

When the small fan that is built into the cushion rotates, over 170 liters of air per minute is sent into the cushion, thus dissipating the heat and moisture accumulated around the buttocks. The cushion weighs only 261 grams, and because of this lightweight design it can be easily rolled up and carried around in compact form.

Keeping your ass high and dry doesn’t have to cost a lot, either, as the cushion can be used all day long for about five cents worth of electricity. Finding and purchasing the cushion, though, is another story, as pricing and availability information is all but non-existent. We’ll keep a look-out for something, though.

Here’s a video of the cushion in action.

via Newlaunches