Taser may have affected man's heartbeat, which they're not supposed to do


Sure, we all get a laugh at someone else’s expense when watching taser videos on YouTube, but did you know that the device may affect your heartbeat? That’s not cool, especially since Taser, Inc. says its devices are totally safe and in no way affect your biological functions.

It all stems from a recent incident where a man was running from police and hid in a lake (?!) to escape them. His heart, possibly from the shock of the situation and cold water, experienced atrial fibrillation. He had an irregular heartbeat, he did. But, once he was zapped by a taser, his heartbeat returned to normal, and he began to fight and resist arrest.

What could make him go from have an irregular heartbeat to fighting with the police?

Doctors are now speculating that the taser “zapped” his heart back into shape. That may sound nice, but tasers aren’t supposed to affect your person quite to that extent.

Taser was quick to point out that the man’s experience could be explained by any number of things, and not necessarily its device.