Warning: Apple update may brick your Mac

This is why I chose not to update my MBP during the middle of the day. Has anyone encountered any issues?

Sheesh. Just when I got my MacBook Pro fixed and running well with a brand new logic board along comes Apple and the OS X update released today that bricked the MBP. Yep, I was running fine and dandy and feeling good about everything on the MacBook Pro and the software update trashed it. It downloaded and installed fine, indicated it was “patching files”, and then never would boot up again. Every time it tried to boot up I’d get the desktop background and the Dock and then error boxes. One indicated that “SystemUIServer” stopped unexpectedly, followed by one that said the Dock stopped and then finally one that said Spotlight stopped. The system was totally unusable each time and even Safe Boot failed the same way. This indicated to me that the software update patched system files improperly since it wouldn’t even safe boot.

Right now I am doing a clean reinstall of Leopard and once I’m sure that is running fine I’ll restore my new Time Machine backup. With a bit of luck I’ll be right back where I was prior to the software update this afternoon. Then I will be wondering if I should try updating it again…