Startup Roundup

Moo, which recently moved offices in London, has a new roof (see above), which doubles as a terrace. Lucky them!

So in the spirit of other more minor items of interest, here’s a roundup of smaller items from a bunch of UK and Irish startups, in no particular order:

Zebtab has a new channel, iwantoneofthose (IWOOT), the internet gadget retailer.

The Filter has launched some new features for its beta testers including new profile pages, instant playlists now for Windows and personalized RSS feeds.

• Mobile games community Playoo is working on improving the game selection process, which powers the Game Stream, to give users more control over it, and to provide better results out of the box.

Businessitonline has ‘retired‘ many of the popup windows that are used to add or modify entries in the system (such as calendar entries, contacts, receipts, payments and contact history).

Rummble was featured by Ariadne Capital, the London based Investment and Advisory Firm, as part of their look at WebMission. has a few ideas about how to fix Twitter and is off to a few events.

Howardbaines, which created AltertThingy, think “the reasons suggested behind Twitter’s problems reflect wider issues.”

• Following their recent funding, Cloudmade have moved offices and a bunch of new people have joined (see above).

• Ireland-based World TV has been tweaking its interface with a few other improvements: “It’s slicker, it’s more compact, it has a new blue progress bar which we think looks smarter…”

• Slicethepie has hit the 1 million reviews mark since launching, less than a year ago. The millionth review was of the track ‘Coming Home’ by Laura Stevenson.

• Stealthmode startup Snagsta went to NESTA’s Innovation Edge conference rcently and was impressed by Gordon Brown’s jaw and found a “list of habits that help you spot Bad Managers & Entrepreneurs”.

• Dublin’s PutPlace compiled a big spreadsheet that records, among other things, how much free storage space each online service offers. For the record, PutPlace offers 2 GB for free.

Polldaddy re-started its RSS feeds and it should run a lot smoother from here on in.

• Real estate search engine Nestoria added Team Association listings, from their property portal Teamprop.

• Huddle have been making Smoked turkey & coleslaw cholla rolls. Mmmnnnn… Oh and are were hiring. (CrunchBoard anyone?)

• WebJam has been adding a few new smaller features for users.