Contest: Win History's "Engineering Disasters" DVD set

Here are some shows where you can really see some gear crunch. They’re part of the History Channel’s Modern Marvels series, which cover (as you may expect) the major works, megastructures, and, in this set, the spectacular failures of modern engineering. You won’t be seeing the Apple Newton on there or Microsoft Bob, but you will see bridges and buildings collapsing, huge ships crashing, and so on. Sound fun? Then read on for your chance to get a copy of the recently launched DVDs.

CrunchGear doesn’t really cover dams and tankers, but there are plenty of spectacular failures to go around. We’d like you to send your top 5 tech/gadget disasters to us. Don’t worry, we won’t care if you write “5. iPhone 4. iPhone 3. iPhone 2. iPhone 1. iPhone” — let it all out. Post your disasters in the comments and we’ll pick four winners at random on Friday at 12pm EST. Good luck!