Onkyo releases stereo system with HDD and featuring "floating technology"

Today Onkyo unveiled a new stereo system which will go on sale in Japan on June 28th. The Nippon-only BR-NX10A is priced at $710.

It comes with two bookshelf speakers, a CD player and an LCD color display. The most distinctive feature is the 80 GB HDD which is integrated into the main unit. Onkyo says this is enough to store a total of 40,000 songs.

The company placed “cushions” under the HDD and cooling fan in the main unit. Onkyo claims this “floating technology” significantly reduces vibrations and noise .

User can record music on the the hard disc drive in linear PCM/ATRAC/MP3 formats. The BR-NX10A is equipped with a USB port and Ethernet connection for CDDB. The two speakers feature an output power of 26W each.