'Steam' service to include saved games, key bindings


Valve’s wildly popular Steam game downloading service allows you to purchase and download games quickly and easily to any computer running the software. I’ve purchased a handful of games this way and it makes it super easy to move them to a new computer. Games get automatically updated and patched too, which is nice.

Now Valve’s announced Steam Cloud, which “will retain users’ saved games and configuration files indefinitely,” according to Shacknews. This makes moving to a new computer or between multiple computers even easier now, as anyone who’s had to reconfigure their key bindings and whatnot can attest to the tediousness of having to tweak all those settings each time they move the game. You’ll be able to pick up from where you left off, too, with the added game saving functionality.

The new feature will be here sometime in the “near future.”

via SlashGear