Fujitsu's new handset allows for underwater TV, if you're into that kinda thing

fujitsu f706i mobile phone

Yesterday I had a moment of panic when I dropped my main mobile phone — Helio’s Ocean — into a mug of hot, steamy coffee. It got wet. Yes, there’s irony in the name, thanks. The phone freaked out. The Ocean’s a tank, it’s taken some abuse in its time, but I’ve always kept it dry. Eventually it dried out and now it’s working fine, but if I continue wetting my phones I might want to look at the new Fujitsus for Asia.

The Fuj has a new handset — the F706i — that’s waterproof. While we’ve seen waterproof phones before, this one boasts digital TV and very fast HSDPA 3G connectivity. Yes, you can now watch porn in the pool.

We’re actually into the idea of making phones waterproof, as it’s not that hard. A rubberized casing around the entire thing should do the trick nicely. Have you ever talked on the phone in the shower? Admit it, you have.