Hitachi raises CinemaStar HDDs to 500GB

CinemaStar drive

There isn’t enough room on my DVR, not remotely. I don’t even watch that much TV, but my hard drive is small. Sure, there are ways to hack them to make them bigger but I like to do right by my TOS agreements, so I don’t. But now that Hitachi has released the 500GB CinemaStar 3.5-inch HDDs, I’m considering it.

They’re made to run quiet, specifically for devices like set-top boxes. You want to hear Kate and Jack argue about Locke, not your hard drive spinning. The drives are also low-power and feature CoolSpin, which means it spins up faster when activated. That gets you your TV faster.

They ship in June, and at that point I’m going to have to think about upgrading my DVR or just admitting I’ll never get caught up on Galactica.