Image: Verizon pushing 4G handsets already? Nope!


Verizon Wireless is running a large, nation-wide 3G network. This much is known. They don’t yet have a 4G network, though we know they’re doing trials now of LTE, or Long Term Evolution, a GSM variant, but it’s not open to the public.

Reader Jonathan snapped this shot of a Verizon Wireless reseller advertising 4G service. “4G Premium Retailer,” it says. Of course it’s just a stupid ploy to get attention, but could it also be false advertising?

We think so. Jonathan says,

I called that specific store by the way and I talked to some guy and I asked him if they were doing the 4G trial and he just answered with a sarcastic no. My cousin also said that he saw some of the stores by his house with them as well.

Where is this happening? We’re going to do some digging and see if we can get some answers. But we know this: Verizon’s not selling 4G devices today.

Thanks for the tip, Jonathan!