New Onkyo audio setup is close, but no cigar just yet

We’re getting closer to the point where I’ll actually be convinced not to use my laptop as a media center. This Onkyo system has about half of what I’m looking for – it’s got a nice big LCD for displaying info it nabs from online, an 80GB hard drive, and a USB slot for loading stuff directly. It looks classy, and although the speakers are a bit anemic at 26W each, Onkyo is a good brand and I trust them to be pretty high-quality.

Problem is, with 80GB of music you need a way better interface than a D-pad – this thing needs a decent touchscreen, or the screen needs to be a detachable controller so you can control everything from across the room. And what’s up with the supported formats? MP3, PCM, and ATRAC? What about OGG and M4A, or any of the other formats to which the discerning listener might have ripped their collection? Until these problems are remedied, I can’t see myself paying ~$750 for a system like this. Good day, sir!