Sidekick LX over the air update will be packed with goodies

With the Sidekick Gekko expected to launch soon at a wallet-friendly price, it looks like Danger is giving the higher-end Sidekick LX the update treatment to keep it in the top spot.

While there doesn’t seem to be a concrete date when the OTA update will roll out, the guys at Hiptop3 managed to get the rundown on some of the coming features. Video playback and recording through the “SonicBOOM” player has been further confirmed, though it’ll be limited to 3GP and simple profile MP4s. The update will also overhaul Bluetooth on the device – in addition to the hands-free headset and vCard support on the device, the LX will be getting A2DP Stereo headset support, file exchange, and bluetooth printing.

Most Sidekick releases seem to get one big feature OTA right around the middle of its lifespan – seems like this’ll be that update for the LX.