Founders apply electric shocks to Naked's dead body

Naked, the UK-based social messaging startup which closed last week mere months after launch and days before it released a beta after a failed attempt to raise more financing, may yet be revived. Sources are telling me the startup is trying to re-animate in Belgium, home to at least two of its co-founders.

One of them, Belgium-based Tom Casaer, has put an advert on LinkedIn for a:

“Software and Infrastructure lead at Naked
preferably Belgium; not a must”

I’m sure plenty of software and Infrastructure leads out there would be gagging to join a liquidated startup, however, Naked still has fans out there willing to give it a go. Perhaps there is life after death afterall. Perhaps they have secured new financing? I have emailed Tom to find out.

Naked ran out of money at the end of April and an administrator was appointed in May to wind it up and liquidate the assets. All 12 employees were made redundant.

However, it’s not yet clear if the code for the Naked application – which mashes up Twitter and email functions – is an asset which has been bought cheap by the former founders, or if they are re-starting the project under a totally new guise. If you have some inside information on this, you know where to find me.

Meanwhile here’s one of their former employees on the whole Naked experience: “It was great fun working there, but the way it imploded, my word, incredible.”