HTC Touch Diamond ROM dumped, ported to other HTC handsets

Even though the HTC Touch Diamond is barely out the doors, the talented magicians over at xda-developers have already managed to dump the Diamond’s ROM and are quickly getting it up and running on other HTC handsets.

Within hours of release, the ROM is already reported as functional on the HTC Touch Elfin and the HTC Kaiser, with more in the works. While it’s ultra unlikely that the much adored TouchFlo3d UI will run anything but terribly (if at all) on these devices with their lack of dedicated graphics acceleration, getting the ROM up and running is an awesome feat.

As with any unofficial ROM flashing, proceed with caution. While it’s said to be fairly stable, some bugs are to be expected for the time being — so be sure to study up on the details to avoid becoming the (not so) proud owner of a fancy paperweight.

[Via PhoneMag]