Pizza Hut offering Gamer Fantasy Package for ordering crappy pizza online

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Joining forces with Gamefly, the pizza chain is offering up the “Gamer Fantasy Package.” To enter you simply need to order online at and you’re automatically entered to win a 60-inch LG Plasma TV, all three major consoles, a Bose Home Theater system, a Berkline home theater 3-seat set and a popcorn machine. But that’s not all. Gamefly will throw in a free one-year subscription and Pizza Hut will make you even lazier and fat with free pizza for a year. A one-year subscription to Gamefly will be given to five first prize winners and 500 second-prize winners will get 60-day trial memberships. That’s not a bad deal at all except I live in NYC where the guy on the corner makes a much tastier pizza in his cart is infinitely better than anything Pizza Hut puts out.