Vollee’s Streaming Game Service Launches on Second Life

Linden Lab’s 3D virtual world, Second Life, can now be accessed with mobile devices. Vollee’s new 3G streaming service allows Residents to explore the entire virtual world from 3G or Wi-Fi enabled handsets. Currently, 40 devices can utilize Vollee’s technology. Support is soon planned for additional 3G and Wi-Fi enabled handsets, including the iPhone.

“Vollee offers the perfect Second Life mobile service that brings our virtual world to handsets in a way that is ideal for connecting our Residents,” said Christopher Mahoney, Business Development Manager, Linden Lab. “We look forward to the new and exciting ways people will be able to extend their Second Life experience through this new service.”

“We are very proud to debut the Vollee service with Second Life, one of the largest and most successful virtual worlds,” said Martin Dunsby, CEO, Vollee. “This application is just one example of how Vollee is capable of bringing persistent worlds, MMOs and graphically intensive PC applications to mobile in a way that works.”

Vollee’s proprietary technology can stream high-end PC titles to mobile phones, including massively multiplayer online role playing games. The VolleeX engine adapts applications for screen size and key layout, and then streams the original application to mobile devices. VolleeX optimizes compression to minimize bandwidth requirements and also leverages the 3G mobile networks in such a way that gamers can be easily and smoothly navigate virtual worlds.

To download the free Second Life mobile application and view a list of compatible handsets, visit: Vollee.