2K Marin to develop BioShock for PS3; new screen shots


Unlike grumpy Peter, I won’t hate on the PS3 port of BioShock (not that I’ve played the original, but I hear good things). That said, a few more tidbits of information have bubbled to the surface, like who, exactly, is handling the game’s development. That would be Novato, Calif-based 2K Marin, which is a sort of amalgam of 2K Boston and 2K Australia. It’s the same studio responsible for the sequel, ingeniously titled BioShock 2. Point of fact, all three studios will be working on the game in some capacity.

Also, that screen shot is new.


As is that one.

Like I said, I never played the game, but I’ve heard good things. My local Best Buy has it for $40, but I’m so tired of shooters nowadays I’m worried I won’t like it at all. Well, not “worried,” but I don’t want to waste $40 on something I’ll play for eight minutes then throw into the closet.