JetBlue in-flight Wi-Fi service gets Gmail, Exchange

jetblue_logo Hot off the travel-related press, is news that Jet Blue’s in-flight Wi-Fi service has added support for checking more e-mail accounts than just Yahoo! Mail and BlackBerry Mail, which were previously the only ones available. has more details, including…

[S]tarting today, you’ll be able to check your accounts at Gmail, AOL, Hotmail and Windows Live Mail, too. If your office uses Microsoft Exchange, you’ll also be able to check in with the boss. And JetBlue has also partnered with, in case your online shopping can’t wait until you’ve landed.

Balls-to-the-wall web surfing isn’t up and running, but at least you now have a few more services available should you tire of DirecTV and talking to the stranger in the next seat about his job selling insurance.

Thanks Paul!